Is running a soda van a good idea?

van soda machine

In a country like ours doing any business that brings in money is a good idea. Running a soda van is no different. See everyone requires money to survive and grow. So if it comes through a legitimate income source like a soda van then what’s the harm.

A mobile soda fountain van is the real deal. We have many customers who started with one soda van machine and are now proud owners of 20+ such vans earning lakhs of rupees every month.

We believe that everyone can do this. There is no dearth of money for the right person. All one needs is the motivation and will power to push forward in life. If a man is determined then he can become a millionaire just by running his soda van machine business.

Our soda machines are really practical and completely made in India. These machines are not like cheap Chinese alternatives, these machines are sturdy and always provide a better service to the owners. Add to it the fact that our soda machine price is always lower or comparable to any other manufacturer in India. But no one can match ours after sales service. We have a huge network of service engineers. If there is a breakdown in the machine then it can be attended to in a matter of hours. So that your flow of money is always constant and you don’t sit idle even for a day.

We also provide complete consultancy to those who need it. We can educate our prospects on tips and advice on how to run a successful soda fountain machine business. Our motive is not only to earn money but also to make India a better and capable place to live. We want our youth to be entrepreneurs and hard working. We hate it when people say that there is a dearth of opportunities. Let’s together make India a better place.

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